Monday, April 13, 2015

End of the Semester Tips from Shaylene

With only a couple of weeks left, the semester will be over before you know it. This is the perfect time to get on track especially with all of those final papers, projects, and exams. It's also a good time to find out where you stand in each course. Here are some tips to start preparing for the end of the semester stretch.

  1. Check SPIRE for a schedule of your final exams. It's important to check now in case you have more than two exams scheduled in one day or two exams scheduled at the same time. If you do, consult the Registrar's office as soon as possible. 
  2. Next make a list of all of your classes and keep these questions in mind:
    • Calculate your current grades for a class and compare it to your target grade or goal. Do NOT just guess! Add up your exam scores, grades on papers, homework assignments, etc. and try to calculate your current grade at this point in the semester. It's great to have this in mind going into final projects and exams. Do this for each of your classes.
    • Have you missed any assignments that you can make up? Always take the opportunity to make up missed assignments. Even if the professor is offering half credit, it's still better than receiving a zero for that homework, quiz, or whatever it is that you might have missed. 
    • Will you have a final for this class? If you do, write down the date, time, and location. Then find out if it is cumulative and preparing accordingly. Start flipping through your notes from the beginning of the semester and refresh yourself on the material. Also find out what format the final will be (essay, multiple choice, etc.) and decide what strategies you will use to study.
    • Do you have any papers/other assignments due? With the warm weather starting to kick in and the sun shining, it's easy to forget about those last few assignments you may have for a class. Make sure to check over the syllabus and see if you have any assignments left. If you do, try to space out the work. The last thing you want is to be attempting lots of final projects and assignments all at once.
  3. Eat healthy and get lots of rest. The end of the semester is a hectic time of year. It always seems as though you have plenty of time left and before you know it, finals week is quickly approaching. That being said, despite all the studying and hard work, be sure to make time for yourself to eat a healthy meal and get an ample amount of sleep. It's okay to have some fun! Don't be afraid to take a study break and relax every once in a while.
It's the final stretch so just keep on hanging in there! Be sure to look for our upcoming post on study tips the closer it gets to final week. For now, if you have any questions and want advice from fellow peers, stop by the Academic Advising Link in the lower levels of the library Sunday-Thursday from 4-8 PM!

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