Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Registration Time Again!

Registration for Fall 2009 begins for freshmen and sophomores in just a few weeks! See an advisor before you register to review your potential schedule, and be ahead of the game when your Enrollment Appointment begins. Follow these registration tips to prepare now and get the classes you want for Fall:

1. Know the day and TIME of your "Enrollment Appointment." This is not an actual appointment with an advisor-it is the earliest time Spire will allow you to add classes. You can find this on your Spire homepage: look for "Enrollment Appointment" on the right and click "Details."

2. Check your Spire account for any "Holds" or To-Dos" that might prevent you from registering for classes. Contact the office of origin immediately if you find any to ensure they get resolved before registration.

3. Book an appointment with an advisor early. Appointments fill up fast this time of year, so don't procrastinate!

4. Explore Spire before you meet with an advisor. Compose a list of classes that look interesting, fulfill Gen Eds, or pertain to a major you'd like to explore. Bring a list of 5-7 classes with you to your advising appointment.

5. Keep an eye on Spire! Monitor the classes you are interested. If they seem to be filling fast, you need to have back-up options. Don't let yourself be surprised on your registration day!

Bring this form with you to your appointment.

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