Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Students' Comments

Seven out of ten freshmen summer orientation sessions have taken place, and new students are leaving campus happy and excited. 

In response to "The BEST part of my NSO academic advising experience was," students commented:
  • My peer advisor was really great. He helped me pick classes and was open to all of my requests. He also answered all my silly questions thoughtfully and patiently, which was greatly appreciated!
  • Being matched with classes that suited my academic skills best, even though I wasn't aware of them at first. Ending up with a full, balanced course load.
  • I liked when everything came together and the amount of focus I have regarding my interests really increased.
And, when asked "What EXCITES you most about coming to UMass this fall?" students said:
  • The freedom to study what truly intrests me, I cannot wait to study what I'm really passionate about!
  • Starting a new life and focusing on what I love. It's time for me to turn over a new leaf, and I couldn't possibly be more excited.
  • I am excited about the entire experience. After NSO, I feel like I will really enjoy UMass in many ways, especially because it is completely what I make of it. I am exctied about my classes, meeting my peers, and exploring the campus and surrounding area.

We're excited to have you come to UMass Amherst, Class of 2016!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SPIRE - Learn the Ins & Outs

It's impossible to function at UMass Amherst without using SPIRE . . . and yet, how many of us know how to use it effectively and efficiently?

Check out the *NEW* SPIRE videos . . . whether you're an incoming student who is just learning the ropes, or a returning student who always thinks "hmmm - I knew how to do this the last time I registered, but now I forget!"

There are currently three instructional videos, with more to come.  Click here to view now:

Getting Started

Searching for Classes

Enrolling in Classes

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Student Advising - Full Speed Ahead!

The Class of 2016 started arriving for New Student Orientation the first week of June, and NSO sessions will run through the middle of July.  While on campus for each two-day session, incoming students learn a bit about how the University and academic requirements work, meet with the academic dean of their School/College, take placement tests, meet with an advisor to choose their courses for fall, and have many opportunities to learn about the opportunities awaiting them at UMass.  In addition, they HAVE FUN!

Here are a few pictures and comments from students who have attended NSO already this summer.  These comments were in response to this prompt: "The BEST part of my academic advising experience was . . ."

  • "working one-on-one with a very knowledgeable adviser! Before this advising session I felt overwhelmed and confused about the whole process but now I am excited about all of my courses and know how to navigate better on SPIRE." 

  • The advisors were "patient and understanding. They worked with me to get a good mix of classes I wanted and classes that were essential."

  • "The relief of having someone to help me understand what classes i needed to take and would be best suited for me."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Academic Appeal Deadline: Tuesday, June 12 at NOON!

If you are facing academic discipline (suspension or dismissal), you have a deadline coming up in less than one week!
Make sure you CAREFULLY read ALL communications regarding your status and follow directions CLOSELY.
Click to read our earlier post for more information and reread the email sent to you by the Registrar's Office.
Do NOT miss this deadline!

Friday, June 1, 2012

OASIS Seminars

Are you UNDECLARED?  If so, check out the OASIS seminars (UNIV 125), designed especially to assist you in transitioning into UMass and making the most of the incredible opportunities here.

Also, there are versions of the OASIS seminar for other specific populations - not just undeclared students:
  • UNIV 125T is for new transfers, and open to undeclared OR declared students
  • UNIV 125V is for veterans, again open to undeclared OR declared students
  • UNIV 192G is for undeclared students who are on probation, and who want to get back on track academically.
Here's what a student who took it last spring said: "I would say definitely take this class first semester when everything is new and overwhelming. It teaches you a lot about what is on campus and what areas of academics you might want to study."