Monday, November 30, 2009

ISOM Application and Deadline Info.

The Isenberg School of Management (ISOM) application deadline for Fall on-campus transfer applications is tomorrow December 1.

Want to know more?
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Enrollment for Spring

Having trouble searching for classes? Feeling like everything you want to take is already full?

What can you do?

Be proactive about it! Don't give up. People are adding and dropping courses all the time, so seats are always opening up.
  • Check SPIRE as often as you can. For example, whenever you check your email or Facebook, make it a habit to see if any classes you want have open seats.
  • Get onto waitlists (if they exist for the class), and go to see the department and/or professor to register your interest in the course.
  • Be creative about courses to take. Don't limit yourself to departments you are familiar with, and don't just go for the 'usual suspects' for Gen Ed classes. (Click here for general registration info, and check out the 2nd to last bullet on course suggestions.) Explore upper level classes (some don't have prerequisites!). Try something new that you've always been interested in but have never pursued.
  • Be prepared to attend the first meeting of any class you want but are unable to add on SPIRE. There's no guarantee you'll get in, but at least there's a chance!
Where can I go for help?
  • Make an appointment to see your advisor. (Note: Drop-In Hours in Undergraduate Advising are for QUICK questions, students contemplating a change of declared majors, or for Dean's actions . . . NOT for a full advising appointment to choose courses. If you have a short question - 5 minutes or so - you could bring it to Drop-In.)
  • Go to the Academic Advising Link - 4-8pm, Sundays through Thursdays - for general assistance from trained peers.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Want to Design Your Own Interdisciplinary Major?

BDIC is accepting applications to its introductory class, BDIC 396P, Proposal
Writing. In the past, BDIC did not accept applications from freshmen. They
are now accepting strong applications from first year students until December

Students in BDIC design their own majors, such as “Neuroscience and Human
Behavior” and “Information Technology and the Arts.” BDIC could be
appropriate for you if you have multiple academic interests and wish to
combine them into a challenging and coherent program of studies.

For more information on BDIC, see

To apply to the Proposal Writing class, go to 608 Goodell and meet with an

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving: It's a Networking Opportunity!

Whether you're thinking about a summer job, an internship, or a job after graduation, it's clear that networking can make a difference in landing the position you want.

While you're home for Thanksgiving and seeing people you don't ordinarily see, pay attention to what people are doing and whether they could help you secure a spot, or if they can put you in contact with someone else who could. Work Your Contacts!

Follow this link for some tips on career networking for college students, where they say that "approximately 70-75 % of most jobs are found through networking."

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's Happening - Nov. 21 to Dec. 4

With the Thanksgiving holiday, we have a short week coming up. We will also preview the following week's events, so you can plan ahead.

Monday, Nov 23, 3pm. Focus Group on Undergraduate Advising’s Blog. RSVP by calling 545-2191.

Thursday through Sunday, Nov 26-29. Thanksgiving break. Have a good one!

Monday, Nov 30. Classes Resume after Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov 30 and Tuesday, Dec 1. Freshmen ramp on for Enrollment Appointments. If you haven’t seen an advisor, do so! Remember that you can also find information on the Undergraduate Advising website (see Registration link, to the left), and ask general questions and get assistance with navigating SPIRE from the Academic Advising Link and/or with Peer Mentors in your residential area.

Tuesday, Dec 1. DEADLINE for application to ISOM’s BBA, HTM, and Sport Management programs.

Wednesday, Dec 2, 5:30 pm. UMass Amherst Alumni Association Event: Got Job? Networking 101. Come hear about what networking is, why you need networking, where you need to start, and how to develop your "elevator pitch." Memorial Hall

Thursday, Dec 3, 4 pm. Startups for Journalists. Lisa Williams, founder of and fellow at MIT Media Lab (and rockstar) will talk about journalistic entrepreneurship and what you need to know to get your own thing going. Bartlett 206

Friday, Dec 4. DEADLINE for application to BDIC for their Proposal Writing Class.

and plan ahead: Monday, Dec 7, 6:30pm. R1 (Tier 1) Basic Math Skills Exemption Test, Marcus 131. Final opportunity for Fall 09!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Writing Placement Exam

Last Writing Placement Exam of the Semester!

Nov. 18th, 2009
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Bartlett 121

Any Student who has not previously taken this test must do so before s/he can enroll in English Writing 112 College Writing. Registration for the test is not needed.

The Writing Placement Test will not be offered again this semester!

For more information please call (413) 545-0610 or visit the following web site:

Focus Group Seeks Participants

Hey, you... reading this Blog... how would you like to eat some free pizza while you read?

Well, you're in luck! The Undergraduate Advising Bloggers have been working hard to get you the information you need in a way that works for you, but the only way we'll know if our efforts are working is if YOU tell us!

We'll be running a focus group on November 23rd at 3:30 in 604 Goodell. Come in, read the Blog, and let us know what's working (and what's not). If you're reading this message you're already supporting our Blog, so why not lend your support in person, with free pizza?!?

Limited computers are available so we ask that you R.S.V.P. if you're interested in participating by emailing us at Don't miss this chance to tell Undergraduate Advising what YOU THINK!

Monday, November 16, 2009

ISOM Info Sessions

There will be two upcoming information sessions on November 17th and 18h for current students who are interested in applying to the Isenberg School of Management BBA, Spt.Mgmt.or HTM programs. Both info sessions are in ISOM 206 at 5:30 PM.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan on attending:

1) Get there early! To avoid fighting for a seat or worse, interrupting the session, be sure to get there approximately TEN MINUTES PRIOR to the start time. Treat it like a job interview and be professional--you don't have to wear your Sunday best, but you do want to make a good impression!

2) Know which session to attend! Upon arriving, they will direct you to different rooms based on your interests, i.e., BBA, Sports Management, or HTM. Make sure you're in the right place! If you have multiple interests in SOM (both BBA and Sports Management, for example), you should attend an info session for BOTH programs.
Remember! Sports Management requires attendance at one of their info sessions before you can take a Sports Management course!

3) Be informed! Read their website and be familiar with the program you are interested in--as well as procedures for applying. You can find information on applying here. **Note that the current application for Spring admission has not yet been posted**

4) Have an Alternate Major in mind! Remember that you will be required to apply in order to gain admission--and that applications, by nature, can be rejected. So it's always a good idea to have an alternate major in mind just in case. For more information on suitable alternates, you can call 545-2191 and make an appointment to see an advisor in our office.

History Alumni Career Night

This exciting event is the highlight of our career development program! Several former UMass history undergrads will return to campus to share their experiences working in publishing, teaching, social services, and historical and environmental outreach. Come and hear what real people have done with their UMass history degrees!

Tuesday, November 17th, 5:00 p.m

Herter 601—Refreshments provided

This event is open to all students!
For more information, contact:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Preview for the Week of 11/14-20

There are a lot of events and activities coming up next week - check it out!

Sun 11/15-Thurs 11/19 International Education Week at UMass Amherst. Come join International Programs at these exciting international events on campus. The week’s events include everything from international movies, performances, panel presentations, passport day and a work abroad fair. Don't miss it!

Tue Nov 17, 11:15 am RefWorks Workshop. Learn how to manage your citations and create quick bibliographies. Last opportunity for the fall semester. Library, Integrated Sciences & Engineering 3rd Floor Classroom.

Tue Nov 17, 5pm History Department Alumni Career Night. Several UMass History undergrads will return to campus to share their experience working in publishing, teaching, social services, and historical and environmental outreach. Come and hear what REAL people have done with their UMass History degrees! Refreshments will be served. Herter 601.

Tue Nov 17 & Wed Nov 18, 5:30pm Group Information/Orientation Sessions for the BBA, Sport Mgt and Hospitality Majors. Students who wish to enroll in a Sport Management course and apply to the major MUST attend one of these meetings. Students should arrive before 5:30pm to be directed to the room where the relevant session will be held. If you are interested in more than one major in ISOM, plan to attend BOTH evenings. Room 206 in ISOM Building.

Tue Nov 17, 6pm. UMass Amherst Alumni Association Event: Scholarship Information Night. Sophomores and juniors are invited to learn how to apply for merit-based scholarships, such as Rhodes, Leaders in the Making, Fulbright, Life Member Scholarship for Internships, and many more. There are over $500,000 in scholarships available each year! Seating is limited – see website for more info. Memorial Hall.

Wed, Nov 18, 12– 4:00pm Work Abroad Information Fair. Interested in working abroad after graduation? Then you won't want to miss this fair! Campus Center Concourse.

Wed Nov 18, 12:00 pm Information Session on Public Policy Undergraduate Certificate. The Center for Public Policy and Administration will host an information session for students interested in its undergraduate certificate program. Pizza and soft drinks will be served. Students planning to attend should RSVP to Thompson 412

Wed, Nov 18, 3:30 – 7pm. MassAccess: A Speed Networking Event. MassAccess is a speed networking event, which provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, industry leaders, service providers, and investors to discuss innovative ideas and prime future collaboration. Register at: Campus Center Amherst Room, 10th Floor.

Wed, Nov 18, 6-7:00pm Writing Placement and Exemption Test. Any student who has not previously taken this test must do so before s/he can enroll in English 112 College Writing. Final opportunity for the Fall 2009 semester. Bartlett 121.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five College Interchange, pre-registration has begun!

Have you heard of Five College Interchange?  Did you know as a UMass student you are eligible to take courses at Smith, Mount Holyoke, Amherst, and Hampshire Colleges for UMass credit?

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this GREAT academic opportunity!  The Five College Interchange pre-registration period began today.  This pre-registration period is the same for all UMass students, regardless of class year, and is separate from your Spire Enrollment Appointment!  As long as you're going to be at least a second semester freshman in good academic standing you can submit a Five College Enrollment Request between now and November 20th (if you miss this date, you'll have to wait until Add/Drop). 

Think you're interested?  Browse the five college course catalog to check out course offerings.  The registration procedure for five college courses is very different from your regular UMass enrollment process, so once you find the course(s) you want, make sure to read through these DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS carefully.  If you have questions, stop by the Five College Interchange Office in 614 Goodell Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans' Day Observance

Veterans' Day

On Tuesday, November 10, at 4pm outside Memorial Hall (on the campus pond side), there will be a ceremony in honor of Veterans' Day.

On Wednesday, November 11, in honor of Veterans' Day, there will be NO CLASSES at UMass Amherst, and most university offices will be closed.  Classes will resume, as usual, on Thursday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pre-Registration is underway...

Avoid registrations delays by checking for Holds today! Registration Holds may be issued by the Bursar, Health Services, your Academic Dean, and other offices on campus that need you to do something with them before you're allowed to register for Spring 2010 classes. Often these Holds require you to gather or complete documentation, visit the office in question, have an appointment, etc. It can take a few days (or more) to have such Holds lifted, so starting the process now will ensure you can actually register for classes when your Enrollment Appointment comes up!

Not sure if you have a Hold? Click here for helpful Registration information, including step-by-step instructions and visual examples of how to check for Holds!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Computer Science Counseling


for SPRING 2010

When: Monday November 9, 2009 from 3:30 pm-4:30 pm

Where: Room 151 of the Computer Science Research Bldg.

CMPSCI MAJORS with Advisors:

Check SPIRE for your advisor assignment. If you have two Computer Science Advisors assigned, then you have a substitute advisor for this term (remember to check the substitute advisor list). Meet with your Academic Advisor for Counseling. You will no longer be given a RAC code as this has changed with the SPIRE upgrade. You will have a RAC Hold in SPIRE that will only be removed after discussing your plan with your advisor. Contact your advisor using email to make an appointment to meet sometime on or after November 5. If you are unable to meet with your assigned advisor during the Registration Counseling Period (November 5-12) or at another convenient time, you may attend the Computer Science Counseling Meeting (November 9, 3:30-4:30, 151 Computer Science Bldg.) to obtain advising and the release of your RAC Hold.

Interested Undeclared/Other Majors:

Attend the Computer Science Counseling Meeting to keep you on track and/or obtain your RAC.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Info on Studio Art/Portfolio Review

The deadline to have your portfolio submitted for review for admission into the Studio Arts major was October 15th. However, Frances Merrigan, the Chief Undergraduate Advisor in Studio Arts, will review portfolios on a "rolling admissions" basis. Therefore, if you missed the previous deadline, you still have an opportunity to apply to STUDIO ART.

**note: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DESIGN (ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES) MAJOR. If you have questions regarding Design, stop by their office in 455 Fine Arts Center or call 577-0943 to speak with Jean Crossman or Stephen Schreiber**

Furthermore, Frances Merrigan recommends that interested students meet with him FIRST for a "portfolio critique" for help on deciding what they should and shouldn't include in their portfolio by bringing your artwork in for him to review. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please call Lisa Furtek at 545-1903 and ask for a hour-long appointment with him. Ideally, to be ready for Spring 2010 courses, you should meet with him before November 12!

What's Coming Up? Week of 11/7-13

Nov 9, 9:00– 10:15 am.  RefWorks Workshop.  This workshop covers basic skills such as how to access RefWorks, search catalogs, import references from library databases, retrieve and manage citations, and create bibliographies according to various citation styles (e.g., MLA or APA).  W.E.B. Du Bois Library, Calipari Room.

Nov 9, 3:30-4:30pm  Computer Science Counseling Meeting for Undeclared/Other Majors.  Interested in learning more about the CompSci major or minor?  Want to try out a course, but not sure which one to take?  Here’s your opportunity to speak with an advisor from the department.  151 Computer Science Building. 


Nov 12  Registration begins for Spring 2010.  Students will be “ramped onto the system” by seniority. 

Nov 12  Registration for Five College Interchange starts.

Nov. 13, 1pm  Plan Your Future with Career Services, 508 Goodell

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Interested in taking a course over winter break?

Enrollment for winter session courses has begun!  You can view a list of available undergraduate courses here.

Winter session runs from December 21st through January 16th.  This is a little earlier than years passed, so keep this time frame in mind as you make plans to head home for the holiday season.  Also, most of the courses offered are taught online, which is a very different experience than in-person classes.  Be sure to plan ahead and stay on top of your workload if you choose to take an online course this winter!

If you have any concerns about how to do this, visit an advisor before you register.  If you're ready to enroll, click hereThe deadline for Adding/Dropping a winter session course is December 23rd.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Want to get away?

As a UMass student, the Domestic Exchange Program gives you access to the National Student Exchange Program with over 180 colleges and universities in the 48 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  Through a domestic exchange you can take advantage of the opportunity broaden your undergraduate experience by spending a semester or a full year at another institution!

Sound like a great idea?  Just make sure you plan ahead: all applications are due March 1st to go on exchange the following academic year (whether for fall, spring, or the whole year).

Check out an information session to learn more about where you can go, what you need to do before you go, and to receive an application.  Info sessions are underway 

Tuesdays and Wednesday from 4:45-5:30, from now through early December, in 614 Goodell. 

You can also visit the Domestic Exchange website for more information.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Public Health Info Sessions

Are you interested in declaring Public Health as your major or switching to Public Health from another Major? If so, please sign up for one of the group advising sessions below!

Furthermore, if you have recently joined the Major, it is also an opportunity to get valuable information about opportunities, courses, sequencing classes, and the field in general, so plan to attend one of the meetings.


Monday, November 2, 2009 
Arnold House, Room 321
1:00 PM
Thursday, November 5, 2009
Arnold House, Room 321
3:00 PM

Please send email to Lynn Koerbel at if you plan on attending.