Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to Declare a Major

All UMass majors are either restricted or open. Restricted majors have certain requirements you must fulfill before you can declare. These requirements may be pre-requisite courses, minimum GPAs, personal essays, or attending an information session. In some cases you may need all of these things compiled into an application that will be reviewed by that department to determine if you meet their qualifications. It is important to keep in mind that if you are considering a restricted major, you should also have an alternate or two in mind!

Open majors do not have specific requirements that need to be completed before you can declare, although some departments may only allow you to declare during certain times of the year. Undeclared students who are ready to declare an open major should:
  • Obtain a Change of Major form from the Registrar's Office (213 Whitmore) or from Undergraduate Advising
  • Have the form signed by someone from the department/major you are declaring
  • Bring the signed form to Undergraduate Advising to be signed out of Undeclared

Sound confusing? The best way to determine whether a major is restricted, open, or open with certain declaration periods is to check the department website, meet with an advisor, and stay tuned to this blog!

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