Friday, November 6, 2009

Info on Studio Art/Portfolio Review

The deadline to have your portfolio submitted for review for admission into the Studio Arts major was October 15th. However, Frances Merrigan, the Chief Undergraduate Advisor in Studio Arts, will review portfolios on a "rolling admissions" basis. Therefore, if you missed the previous deadline, you still have an opportunity to apply to STUDIO ART.

**note: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DESIGN (ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES) MAJOR. If you have questions regarding Design, stop by their office in 455 Fine Arts Center or call 577-0943 to speak with Jean Crossman or Stephen Schreiber**

Furthermore, Frances Merrigan recommends that interested students meet with him FIRST for a "portfolio critique" for help on deciding what they should and shouldn't include in their portfolio by bringing your artwork in for him to review. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please call Lisa Furtek at 545-1903 and ask for a hour-long appointment with him. Ideally, to be ready for Spring 2010 courses, you should meet with him before November 12!

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