Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have Questions About Your Schedule?

Welcome again to the Class of 2014! We look forward to meeting you all during New Student Orientation if we haven't met and we will help you put your Fall 2010 schedule together then. If you've already finished NSO and have questions or concerns about your schedule, you can email the advisor you met with during NSO. You can find us here or call 413-545-2191 to set up an appointment. Please note that while New Student Orientation is running, we are extremely busy on Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays--so as a tip, plan on setting up a appointment for Wednesdays.

By the way, this goes for ALL undeclared students, new or returning! Stop by, we'd be happy to help!


  1. Is there any harm in me enrolling in classes before my orientation, and then deciding during the orientation if I want to stick with those classes?

  2. Hi - you actually shouldn't be able to add classes to your schedule until you come to NSO, but it's a terrific idea to write out a list of courses you'd like, and some alternates in case those classes are full when you register.

  3. Hi! I recently added a class to my schedule which brought me to 19 credits for the first semester. I'm assuming i'll want to drop a class at some point but would you suggest that I wait for classes to start before I decide which class to drop or should I drop one before the fall even begins? Thank you!

  4. Hi there. It would probably be best to wait until you get here before you decide which class (if any) to drop. That's the short answer!
    A better idea would be to contact your advisor and discuss your options. You should be able to find him/her in your department if you are a declared student. If you are undeclared, you should contact Undergraduate Advising at (413) 545-2191 or stop by our office in Goodell 615 and schedule an appointment with one of us. Do this as close to the beginning of the add/drop period as possible.
    Good luck!