Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt (#11)

Welcome back!! We hope you all had a relaxing break with lots of sleep and yummy food...But now it's back to work! Classes have been chosen, but I would say that at some point, almost everyone has experienced the letdown of seeing a class they wanted fill up...But not to fear! I would bet that many of those students could also tell you their story about getting into those.....

Closed Classes

Do you see that annoying blue square next to a class you need or are excited about? Spire may tell you it's closed (and, well, it is), but don't lose hope just yet--there are a couple actions you can take to get yourself in.

1) Keep checking Spire during winter break...Some students in that class may change their minds and drop the class, so spots can open up, allowing you to officially enroll right away.
2) If spots never open up, go to the class on the first day. If there is physical space for you in the classroom, many professors are happy to manually enroll you in Spire. To be ahead of the game, email the professor now or during winter break (if his or her name is listed in Spire) and ask if it would be possible to enroll later even though the class has filled. Being proactive and expressing your interest shows that you really care!

Hopefully these tips will ease your mind about that closed class--in the meantime, at least make sure you have a schedule that you are okay with...things like housing and financial aid may hinge upon you being a full-time student (12 credits). Also, if the class does open up, remember to "swap," don't "drop" when switching into that class and out of one that you previously had on your schedule.

Study hard!

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