Monday, March 14, 2011

Considering Sociology?

If you've been considering declaring Sociology, the deadline is fast approaching... in fact, it's shortly after we return from spring break! Sociology is an open major, but has a limited window of opportunity in which you can declare each semester. If you want to pursue upper-level courses/requirements for the major in the Fall, you should declare by March 25th to gain access to the widest range of course options. You can declare by going to the Sociology office in 704 Thompson Hall and have a Change of Major Form completed.

All new Sociology majors must attend an Orientation on Thursday March 24th from 4-5 PM in 917 Campus Center.

Prospective majors are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting as well to meet faculty and staff, learn about departmental resources and opportunities, and get to know the Sociology department!

YOU CAN ALSO DECLARE YOUR MAJOR AT THIS MEETING, if you don't make it to the Sociology office before then.

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