Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Student Orientations Wrapping Up

With one final freshman orientation and three transfer orientations to go, the incoming UMass Amherst students will soon have had their opportunity to set their schedules for fall. 

Within a week or two after the end of orientation sessions, any seats that have been held for new students should be released.  If you had your eye on a course you couldn't get into, keep watching SPIRE (many students, when hoping to get into a full course, discipline themselves to check SPIRE for the class every time they check Facebook!).  Grab a seat, if you can, and only DROP a course if you're positive you won't want/need it.  If you don't have space in your schedule to simply add the class and consult with an advisor about what you should drop, use the SWAP function, to make sure you don't lose both the hoped-for course and the one you had secured.

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