Thursday, May 30, 2013

Orientation for New Students

Summer New Student Orientation (NSO) for freshmen and transfers will run from the last day of May through the third week of July (over 5,000 students will attend!). If you're an incoming student and you haven't yet signed up for an orientation session, click here for more details. 

Advisors from Undergraduate Advising and each of UMass' schools and colleges will be working with incoming students to set up their class schedules for fall, and incoming students will also be participating in a jam-packed schedule of activities designed to set them up for success at UMass in the fall and beyond.

If you're already a UMass faculty, staff or student on campus, say hello to the incoming students wearing nametags on a lanyard around their neck. If you're trying to get in touch with an academic advisor, know that we're focused on new students for much of the coming weeks. Feel free to email us or call for an appointment (413-545-2191) - just know that you may not connect with your advisor immediately.

If you're an incoming student, WELCOME!

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