Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Introducing Your Peer Bloggers!

The Undergraduate Advising Blog is happy to have four undergraduates writing for us. These four students are extremely talented, intelligent, and open-minded, so be sure to read their posts and to go see them at The Academic Advising Link for advice!

Jennie Rogers; '14

CLASS, MAJOR: Junior; Psychology and Sociology

LIKES BEST:  I enjoy helping students find what they love to study and providing them with some of the tools they need to succeed.

ADVICE:  Always pursue your interests and strive for success. Try everything and anything that catches your eye because college is the time to take risks and find what you love.

Paul Gels; '14
CLASS, MAJOR: Junior; Majoring in Marketing, double minoring in English and Women's Studies. 

LIKES BEST: Being able to see how my advising has directly impacted students and to really help them explore what they want to get out of their college education and how to go about doing it.

ADVICE: Try everything! There are so many great resources and opportunities on this campus. Not taking advantage of these opportunities is not taking full advantage of your college experience.

Gabriella Carmichael; '14

CLASS/MAJOR: Junior, Dance and Anthropology double major

LIKES BEST:  Getting to know the individual student and what they are nervous, hopeful, and excited for at UMass. 

ADVICE:  Go into everything with an open and curious mind. 

Liz Possee; '14

CLASS, MAJOR: Junior; Environmental Design, Minoring in Studio Art, and Art History

LIKES BEST: Watching new students realize all of the opportunites UMass has to offer, and helping them take advantage of them.

ADVICE: Take some classes out of your comfort zone. College is an opportunity to try new things, and in trying these things, you might realize something about yourself that you didn't know before. Also, join an RSO! They are filled with interesting people from different majors, and it's great to meet people who share a common interest, but have a different background.  

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