Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Guide to Internships

       Finding an internship can be tough; however, the Career Services CareerConnect application is the perfect application to look for different internships all over the country and in every field. You can read more about the application, and get a handy guide on how to use it right here. The coming weeks are a perfect time to begin searching for internships for the summer, or to get an edge on looking at internships for next fall.

      Career Services also offers terrific resources to students, like walk-in resume help Monday - Friday from 1-4 pm. After a walk-in appointment, you also have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a career advisor who will be able to help you with your harder questions, and your job search. Career Services recommends getting involved earlier rather than later in your college career so you can best use their resources to your benefit.

        The CareerConnect application is terrific for finding a wide array of internships and career opportunities, but it's not the only way to look for an internship. Professors, coworkers, or peers may all know of different opportunities for internships, and can provide you with a great "in" to the company or firm. This is actually how I got my internship, which I had from last summer until the end of last semester, with the Town of Amherst's Conservation and Planning Board.

        My internship came about with a recommendation from my coworker and OASIS Instructor, Greg Boisseau, who as a Town Meeting member knew the Assistant Town Manager very well, and knew that he needed interns. With Greg's help, I got my foot in the door for an amazing internship where I had the opportunity to work on a new conservation project.

      In the world of internships, networking is key. As I have seen for myself, the people you know can help open up new worlds of opportunity that you didn't know were available. Additionally, it's always important to make these connections, because one day it's likely that you will apply to a job, grad school, or an internship that will require a letter of recommendation. Your superiors who know you very well and know how well you work will be able to write the best letters to help you succeed. These people will be an invaluable resource to you one day down the line, so it's best to make good connections early on in your college career.

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