Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In ONE week, you'll be headed back to classes at UMass!

Here are some suggestions for you to check into TODAY, to ease your transition back into the spring semester:
  • Review your schedule on SPIRE.  Do you have at least 12-15 credits?  Courses that make sense for you?   (If you failed any classes that are prerequisites for the spring classes you've signed up for, speak with an advisor ASAP).
  • If you're hoping to get into a course that's full, do you have your strategy set?  Have you contacted the instructor?  Plan to attend the class during Add/Drop, to give yourself the best chances of getting in - and introduce yourself to the instructor, saying why you want to get into the class.  Note: after the first few days of class, many instructors will take courses off-line, so you'd need to speak with them to get into the class.
  • On SPIRE, don't DROP courses when you change your schedule - use the SWAP function.
  • Are you undecided about a major or what direction you should be taking with your academic plan?  Consider signing up for EDUC 125, the OASIS seminar for undeclared first-year students, where you'll do self-assessment, career exploration, and then see what majors will get you where you want to go.
  • If you were put on probation following your first semester at UMass, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office ASAP, if you have not already done so (413-545-2191)

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