Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying to Get Into a Full Class?

Are there classes that you REALLY want to get into, but they're full? Feeling frustrated about your schedule?

What can you do?

First, be proactive about it. Don't give up. People are adding and dropping courses all the time, so seats are always opening up. Remember Add/Drop ends Monday, February, 1st.

+Check SPIRE as often as you can, especially if the course has not met yet. Note, however, that after the first few days of the semester, many faculty take the courses off-line and you need to talk with them to secure a place in the class.

+Attend the first available meeting of any class you want but are unable to add on SPIRE. Make a point of going up to the instructor after class, introducing yourself, and telling them exactly WHY it's important to you to get into the class. There's no guarantee you'll get in, but at least there's a chance!

+If you're on a waiting list, the waitlist will expire on the first day of classes. If you're not in the class, follow the instructions in the previous bullet.

+Be creative about what course(s) you can take. Don't limit yourself to departments you are familiar with. Explore upper level classes (some don't have prerequisites!). Try something new that you've always been interested in but have never pursued. If you have questions or want help, contact us at 545-2191 and schedule an appointment!

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