Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Need to Add an Extra Credit?

Want to add ONE credit to your fall schedule? Consider a first year seminar – a one credit, pass/fail course designed for entering students. It’s a great way to round out your schedule, and to transition into being a successful college student here at UMass.

Try a Faculty First Year Seminar (FFYS), which puts you in a small class (20 students or fewer) with a tenure-track faculty member teaching about a topic or subject they’re passionate about. Enrolling in a FFYS will help make the campus feel "smaller" and will also introduce you to a knowledgeable faculty member who can provide you with mentoring and advice as you begin your experience as a college student at a large research university.  Check out the FFYS webpage for more information. You can enroll in these seminars directly on SPIRE (search UNIV ‘begins with’ 197).
~ Or ~
Try an Opportunities for Academic Success with Individualized Support (OASIS) seminar, designed specifically for students entering UMass without a declared major. You’ll work closely with your academic advisor as you clarify your individual goals, explore possible majors, and develop your personal academic plan here at the University. Read more about OASIS here. To add a section of OASIS to your schedule, email KD Maynard at, make sure to include your name and student I.D. number with your request. For any student requesting an OASIS class not affiliated with a RAP, check SPIRE in mid-August to make sure the class appears on your schedule. 

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