Monday, August 23, 2010

Optimizing Your Semester Credit Load


How many credits can I take in a semester?


To be a full time student you need to take 12 credits each semester. Most students take 15 credits a semester. To find out the maximum number of credits per semester you can take, look up your department's academic requirements. Each department has a maximum number of credits allowed during a semester. It is possible to take more than the maximum number of credits, but you must submit a Credit Overload Petition form. Further information can be gleaned from the registrar's web site here.

Due to changes in general education requirements this year, some academic departments have increased the amount of maximum credits a student can take per semester without needing an overload form. This does not necessarily mean, however, that one should take the maximum number of credits allowed in a semester; careful planning and consulting with your academic advisor are always recommended, so that you can best optimize your time, energy and resources as a UMass student. If you have questions regarding how many credits you can take this semester start by checking with your department's website or call them directly. If you can not get a hold of a department representative, try calling the Advising Center for your particular College, a list of majors and their corresponding Advising Centers can be found here.   

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