Saturday, September 25, 2010


The Learning Resource Center (LRC), located on the 10th floor of the library, OPENS SUNDAY!  The LRC offers UMass Amherst students free peer-to-peer tutoring in lots of different courses!  You can also participate in Supplemental Instruction sessions for several math, science, and economics courses.  Tutors and Supplemental Instruction Leaders are available Mondays-Thursdays 1:00 PM-10 PM and Sundays 5:00 PM-10 PM starting TOMORROW.  
Don't wait until you've fallen behind--check out the schedule for your course tutoring times.    

Writing a paper?  After stopping by the LRC head downstairs to visit The Writing Center in the Learning Commons of the library.  Here you can get 45-minute consultations with a tutor.  Just tell the tutor a little about the writing project and your concerns--whether you're at the brainstorming stage or editing your final draft--and receive useful feedback before handing your work in for a grade!  The Writing Center is open during weekend and evening hours AND, you can even schedule an appointment online.  

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