Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt

Hey ya’ll, Jess and Matt back again for another installment of Tip of the Week! We hope you guys are hitting the books and making moves on the path of success. One piece of that pie is getting involved in something that tickles your fancy. So….
Get Involved!

Now that you have your schedules figured out, it's time to get involved at UMass!!! We have over 200 Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) and if you don’t see something you’re interested in, get a group of friends together and create one (Browse a full list on Campus Pulse)! The brand spankin’ new Recreation Center offers basketball courts, gym equipment, an indoor track, and numerous exercise classes. Intramurals are also a great way to showcase your talents and just have fun. You can put together a team or enter a pool of free agents to be picked up! However, if you want to see UMass’ finest, attend one of their home games, meets, or matches.

There’s something for everyone! See ya next time, you CrAzY kIdS!

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