Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Important Summer Communication

How will UMass contact you with important information during the summer?

Official UMass business will be conveyed via your UMail email address.   Make sure you check that account on a regular basis, read any messages completely, and respond promptly, if required. Don't miss the deadline to apply for a special scholarship or appeal a suspension because you didn't read your UMail!

Make sure your personal information on SPIRE is up-to-date. Does SPIRE have your cell phone number? Correct address? On SPIRE, go to your Student Center and click on Personal Information. Review the information listed, and make sure it is both correct and complete. It can be a bit embarrassing if someone from a UMass office calls to change the time of an appointment and reaches your parent, not you!

Read the Undergraduate Advising Blog during the summer to make sure you don't miss important information. While many posts will be directed to incoming students, watch for information that might pertain to you, your schedule, or your academic program. Be among the first to know when grades will hit SPIRE or which department is hosting an info session the first week of class!

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