Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt #10

Grab your tissues and wipe your faces because we’re graduating. Moving on up in the real world! Oh hum. Well it is certainly an exciting time in Jess’s and my life, and many other seniors. We want to take this time to thank ya’ll and shed some light on who we are. Because in all honesty, we’re not that much different from any of you. So here it is, our last sign off.

Moving Forward, Thanks UMass!

So we paid dues and our efforts paid off. This week’s tip will be a wee more insightful. Jess and I really got our hands dirty in involvement with UMass during our junior and senior years. We were proactive and really tried to find a way to be more connected to the University. It was beyond worth it in the end. We feel accomplished and connected to UMass, not just because of friends, but our relationships with faculty and professional staff. Even though it can be difficult saying goodbye, and moving on to a new chapter in our lives, we don’t really have any regrets here. If we hadn’t gotten involved as much as we did, there would have been a little bit of disappointment when looking back on our four years here. So give something a try, put yourself out there, and if it’s not for you then try something else. You’ll be glad you did…trust us!

In all honesty, Jess and I had blast giving all of you our inside tips and tricks around the University, and we really do hope you folks keep at least a few of them in mind. It has been a pleasure giving you all the lowdown, and keep on truckin’. So as I like to say, catch you on the flip side, and stay classy UMass. Much love.

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