Monday, February 6, 2012

Career Fair Time!

The Career Services Office sponsors a number of career fairs throughout the year - and several will be happening in this week.

As the Career Services website tells you, many employers use career fairs to promote their job opportunities and to pre-screen applicants. Most of these fairs consist of booths and tables staffed by recruiters and other representatives from each organization. For students, a fair can be an excellent place to gather information about potential employers, make contacts that could lead to a job, learn more about an employer’s application process, and discover new options.

Not sure how to proceed? Stop by Career Services (5th floor, Goodell), take a look at their website, and/or download their handouts on "Make Your First Professional Contacts at the Career Fair" and "Sell Yourself at the Career Fair" for tips on making the most of these events. 

Take advantage of the ALANA Career Fair and Career Blast 2012 this week.  Even if you aren't looking for a job this summer or next year, it's a great way to meet new contacts and practice your networking skills.

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