Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foods to Help you Study by Ashley K.

Hi everyone! I am Ashley K. I’m an undergraduate peer advisor for undeclared students. Here is some advice that I read and saw in multiple articles about foods that help you study. I’ve tried out a couple during past midterms and have seen great results due to it. Enjoy!

Foods to Help you Study

Now that the dreaded midterms and papers are on the way, most students rely on energy drinks, soda (diet coke was always my go to), coffee and junk food to keep them going through long nights at the Dubois Library. Yet, all of this junk students are eating may not be helping them study and are definitely not helping their bodies.

Caffeine: There is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee. Coffee allows you to be more alert and keeps you focused. When one cup suddenly turns to six, then there is a problem. Caffeine in moderation is important because once you go overboard you will just become jumpy and uncomfortable.
Dark Chocolate: I know what you’re thinking, chocolate! Yes, this delicious treat has powerful antioxidant properties and a natural caffeine stimulus. Just remember, moderation is the key.

Oranges: This fruit is my personal favorite. The sugar in oranges, and I am not talking about the sugar you find in cookies but glucose, which is the brain’s favorite fuel of choice.  Drinking some orange juice or even just eating a piece of orange can offer short-term memory boost, thinking processes and mental ability.
Breakfast: I am sure that this is not the first time you have heard this. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast improves short-term memory and attention. Great breakfast foods include high-fiber grain, dairy and fruits.

I hope what you have noticed in these foods is that they offer short-term memory. I am not suggesting that these foods will magically help you memorize everything for your test the night before or write your 10 page paper for you 3 hours before its due. These nutritional tips are meant to aid you in your already good study habits that you should have such as:
            -Starting ahead.
            -Balancing the workload so that you only have to do a little a day instead of a cram session.


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