Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paul and Gabby's Tip of the Week: Registering for Classes Part 2

That time to start registering for classes is getting closer and closer and like you, I (Paul) can barely hold my excitement over a whole new semester of classes in the Spring! This week, we are going to give you some tips on the best ways to ensure you get all the classes you want.

1.)  Course Selections: To have a stress free and fun schedule it's always good to take a variety of different classes. If you have a major you should try to sign up for one or two major classes. Keep in mind that you're still adjusting to college level classes, so while a 400 level major class may seem interesting, the coursework and load is probably geared towards juniors and seniors. If you're undeclared, you have lots of different options. It's beneficial to take classes that could count towards a potential major, but remember to also broden your horizons and take classes in departments you don't know about. It's also advantageous to take a couple gen-eds and to stay on track for majors you need to apply for such as those in Isenberg. 

2.) Shopping Cart: Long before the day of your enrollment appointment, you want to have all the classes you plan on signing up for in your shopping cart. Periodically check back to see if these classes are still available as the date to your enrollment appointment arrives. On the day of your enrollment appointment, under the "Add" tab you can select the classes in your shopping cart and click enroll and BOOM you are in all your classes! This way, you do not have to worry about wasting time enrolling in each class individually when your appointment begins. Classes can fill up seconds before your appointment time, so it's important to have everything ready to be enrolled in as fast as possible.

3.) Back-up classes: You might not get into every class you wanted to get into THIS SEMESTER. You will find out that classes do fill up and sometimes you may not be able to enroll in a class or you have to take the 8 am  version of it. That's life. When creating your schedule for next semester, you want to have your eye on a couple of other courses as back-up's to your ideal schedule. That way, on the day of your enrollment appointment if a class does fill up, you already have looked into another class you can take in it's place. This doesn't have to be forever and you can edit your schedule until Add/Drop period is over in Spring semester, but this way you have guaranteed seats with a full class-schedule you are happy with. You may even end up loving one of your back-up classes!

4.) 5 College Classes: As second semester freshman, you are eligible to take 5 college classes. These can offer variety to your schedule as each college offers a plethora of different, interesting classes. I (Gabby) took a dance class at Smith College last semester. It was the perfect way to start my mornings, and I met new friends within the 5 College Dance Department. Make sure to fully read the instructions and look at the course catalogue before registering.


Don't forget to make an appointment with your advisor if you haven't already to discuss your courses in the Spring. Also, don't get too distracted with your courses in the Spring that you forget about your Fall Semester. Keep studying and stay warm!

For more registration help, visit us at The AcademiAdvising Link, Sun-Thurs 4-8PM.

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