Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deadlines, Deadlines . . .

We're approaching a series of deadlines that could potentially have impact on your ability to be successful and make progress toward an on-time graduation.  Listen up!
  • March 1 Deadline to submit applications for the Public Health Sciences major, for priority enrollment in PHS courses for Fall 2013.
  • March 1 Deadline to submit applications for the Computer Science Major and CS Minor.  Click here for more information about applying to the major or minor.
  • March 7 Deadline for "W Drop" (withdrawing from a course; "W" will appear on your transcript) and for changing a grading option to "Pass/Fail."  Note: Be careful in choosing these options!  Watch for Blog posts with more information, and check with an advisor before you take action.
Other majors (some restricted, some not) have later application deadlines, and some will have Information Sessions prior to their deadline.  In these (and other) majors, your course access in these departments - for Fall 2013 - could be seriously restricted if you have not declared the major!  For instance:
  • March 1 Resource Economics On-Campus Transfer Info Session, 11:15 am Stockbridge 303.  Note: In order to register for Fall 2013 courses as a Resource Economics major, students must complete an on-line Statement of Interest by APRIL 24 at Noon.
  • March 15 Deadline to declare the Sociology major during the spring 2013 semester.  Note: your Sociology course access will be limited, if you have not declared by the deadline.

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