Friday, February 22, 2013

Public Health Applications DUE MARCH 1ST

The deadline to submit your application to be a Public Health major is March 1st! If you submit your application and are admitted to the major, you will be able to declare the major and therefore be able to enroll in courses that are restricted to Public Health majors. But you must submit your application by March 1st!

Not sure where to find the application? Here you go!

Not sure what the differences between the Social Science and Science tracks are? This should help!

Unclear about what a Collateral Field Option is and how it's fulfilled? Try here!

Would you like to talk to a peer advisor about Public Health, the requirements, the major, applying, and so on? Public Health prefers that you to do that anyway!

Are you undeclared and want to discuss the Public Health major in general? Call Undergraduate Advising at 413-545-2191 and set up an appointment to talk to an advisor!

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