Monday, December 9, 2013

COMMUNICATION Courses, Anyone?


There are seats available in some COMM courses, and they're NOT restricted to COMM majors!
Check these out (and pay attention to what you take if you might want to declare COMM):
  • COMM  122:  Intro to Media Programming & Institutions  (3 cr.)
  • COMM  140:  Introduction to Film Studies  (3 cr.)
  • COMM  250:  Interpersonal Communication (3 cr., Gen Ed SB)  NOTE: This course does NOT count for the major so DO NOT take it if you hope to become a COMM major.
  • COMM  288:  Gender, Sex & Representation (Online with in-person exams, 4 credits)
  • COMM  342:  History of Film II (not open to first year students)

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