Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Looking for the General Ed (BS) class: “Insects & Human Society”?

          It's moved! 

“Insects & Human Society” was transferred from Plant, Soil & Insect Sciences over to the Natural Resource Conservation program and is now listed as NRC 126.   This spring, it is being offered TuTh 11:15 with instructor Roy VanDriesche.  There's LOTS of space available!

Here's the Course Description:
Survey with emphasis on the successful design of insects and their innovative features. Aspects of insect biology, including communication, defense, feeding, and mating behaviors. Social behavior with a focus on termite, ant, and honey bee societies. Beneficial uses of insects such as silk and pollination, and negative interactions with humans, including disease vectors, parasites, and crop pests.    (Gen.Ed. BS)  Formerly PLSOILIN 126.

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