Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Your Peer Bloggers!

The Undergraduate Advising Blog is proud to introduce six wonderful undergraduates who will be writing for us. These six students are more than happy to answer questions and give advice. Read their weekly posts and be sure to see them at The Academic Advising Link!

Haley Harrington; '15
CLASS, MAJOR: Senior, Communication Disorders with an Education and Psychology minor
LIKES BEST: I love helping first-year students learn how to navigate UMass. It's a big place and can be very intimidating at times! Knowing that I've had a positive impact on their experience here puts a smile on my face.
ADVICE: Be your own advocate! Make sure you meet with your advisor - they can lead you to great resources and future contacts. Try new things! Get involved and find your niche.

Joe Lawrence, '15
CLASS, MAJOR: Senior, Applied Physics with a concentration in Mathematical Modeling
LIKES BEST: The best thing about being a peer advisor is getting to help students have the best possible experience at UMass. I love passing along all the tips and tricks I've learned in the past 3 years.
ADVICE: My number one piece of advice would be to explore, explore, explore! It's great to find your groove, but don't forget to see what else is out there before it's too late. You could join a club,  even go to school in another state or country, but not if you don't get out there and do it!

Alex Perry; '15
CLASS, MAJOR: Senior, Communication Disorders and Psychology
LIKES BEST: Empowering other students to take control of their academic paths, and helping them explore all of the opportunities that UMass Amherst has to offer.
ADVICE: Be proactive! It's up to you to take responsibility of your experience here at UMass, so dive right in by asking questions, getting involved, and being open to new and exciting things.

Victor Ramos; '16
CLASS, MAJOR: Junior, Communication with a Film Studies Certificate
LIKES BEST: I really enjoy being able to help new and old students with navigating through the university and also being a resource for students who need help with class or major issues.
ADVICE: Ask questions! Ask a million questions all the time, even if you think you already know whatever it is you are learning (because you don't!), ask another question. There is always room to learn more and master your craft, so always ask questions. Don't be discouraged by others into thinking your question is stupid or useless, because other people might have the same one! And in most cases, professors (and people in general) usually love answering questions about things they are passionate or informed about, so never feel afraid to ask somebody a question! Overall, by asking questions  you are able to not only expand on your own knowledge of a certain subject, but you are able to help test others knowledge, so you are really growing together! The only stupid question is the one you never asked!
Shaylene Riley; '16
CLASS, MAJOR: Junior, English and French and Francophone Studies
LIKES BEST: I love being able to help people and enjoy seeing people discover what they're passionate about when they sign up for classes or decide to declare a certain major. 
ADVICE: Find what you love and stick with it. Talk with your advisor often and explore different departments and majors to find something that excites and interests you. The best feeling is when you're able to declare a major and know that it's perfect for you.

Eric Shaw; '17
CLASS, MAJOR: Sophmore, Finance
LIKES BEST: I like the interaction with students, but also being able to help get students on the right track and pursuing the majors they want.
ADVICE: Constantly check the blog. It is nice to have something remind you or helping you along the way than you always trying to remember yourself.

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