Monday, September 1, 2014

OASIS Seminars for Undeclared Students

The 1-credit OASIS seminar is designed for undeclared students, typically in their first or second semester at UMass Amherst.  In addition to learning about opportunities and resources at UMass Amherst, students are given the tools and tips to be most successful, they forge a relationship with an advisor (who is their instructor), and they explore majors and other academic options available to them at UMass.
  • UNIV 125 is for freshmen (some sections are part of the FOCUS RAP programs; others are not); 
  • UNIV 125T is for transfers, and 
  • UNIV 192G is a slight variation of the seminar for students in academic difficulty.

Most sections of OASIS for Fall 2014 have a final capacity of 20 students. If you are unable to enroll in a section, but it looks as if there might still be room available, email the instructor with your name, 8-digit ID number, and the section of OASIS you'd like to join. NOTE: make sure you get to the first class meeting!  If you did not attend the first class meeting, you will need to meet with the instructor/advisor before you can join the class. Know, also, that the course is also offered in the Spring semester.

For students who ARE already enrolled, you can purchase your textbook at Collective Copies, in downtown Amherst, and we look forward to seeing you SOON!

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