Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eric's Tip of the Week: Talking with your professors!

Hey everyone! I'm Eric, a Peer Advisor here at Undergraduate Advising, and I am here to help you guys with any questions or concerns you may have. I know talking to your professor might be a little challenging or even scary so here are some tips on how to overcome those obstacles.

  • Read the Syllabus - We tell students to do this constantly! The syllabus is where you can find your professor's contact information, as well as information about how you will be graded in the class. 
  • Speak with your professor before/after class - Professors often arrive a little bit before class starts and stay after class ends for those students who have questions. Some professors may prefer to talk after class or during office hours rather than before class.
  • Use proper email etiquette - Professors may be willing to read and respond to your emails because they know students might need help outside of class, but if your email is full of lazy typos and rudeness, they will not take the time to answer your questions. Don't expect an immediate response, especially if you email them on a Friday afternoon or the weekend!
  •  GO TO OFFICE HOURS! - I cannot stress this one enough! Office hours are what I consider one of the most helpful ways to get to know your instructors. Most professors love when students come to their office hours because it shows that you, the student, are engaged in the course. They WANT you to come and ask them questions to help you understand the material or even get clarification about tests, homework, lecture. 
Hopefully these little tips help you feel more comfortable talking with your professors! Be proactive!

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