Thursday, October 23, 2014

Victor's Tip of the Week: Studying

Hello everyone! My name is Victor, and I am a Peer Advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Office. I am a Junior majoring in Communication. As we wrap up this week, we officially mark the halfway point of the semester, which for many of us means mid-term exams or papers. Having been through a few rounds of mid-terms, I have some advice to share that can really help you get the results you want to see!

Don't wait until the last minute to start studying!
  • Cramming before an exam is not an effective method of studying. Give yourself 2-3 days to review your material before the exam. Studying for an hour or two every day for 3 days will be far more effective than studying everything for 4 hours an hour before the exam.
Form study groups with peers in your classes!

  • Reviewing your material is very important, but discussing the material with a partner or group reinforces your knowledge of the subject. By getting together and asking questions within a group, you can clarify points of confusion for yourself and also help others understand the material better.

Go to your Instructor's Office Hours with questions!

  • Office hours are a great time to ask your Professor or TA questions concerning the material you are learning in class. You can stop in without making an appointment, or you can speak to them and reserve a time period to ask questions. Prepare a few questions or topics that you would like to go over during that time. People are often afraid of going to office hours because they don't want to bother the professor, but in reality your professors enjoy being able to help you!

Visit the Learning Resource Center or the Writing Center!

  • The 10th floor of the Library is home to the Learning Resource Center which offers free tutoring for a handful of Introductory-Level courses and Gen-Eds. The basement of the Library Learning Commons is home to the Writing Center, which can help you prepare, edit, and review your paper before you hand it in for a grade! 

Find a conducive learning environment for you!

  • Find a spot to study where you won't get distracted. In front of your computer or television may not be the most productive place to study; instead try studying in the Library, Student Union, or outside in a shaded spot! Keep away from distractions such as other people, computers, cell phones, etc. Maybe find a playlist with some relaxing music, grab some brain foods (blueberries, nuts, and tea are great for this!), and indulge in your snacks and studies.

IMPORTANT: You don't have to be failing to seek help! Attending office hours, tutoring, or study groups can help you bring that B to an A. 

Use some of these tips to get you through this stressful period of mid-terms, and refer back to this for finals period as well! As always, you can stop by the Academic Advising Link to ask advising-related questions to a Peer Advisor, Sunday through Thursday 4-8 pm in the Learning Commons. 

Good luck and keep up the good work!


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