Thursday, April 22, 2010

Having trouble finding classes?

By now you should have registered for Fall courses.  Many of you may feel like everything you wanted to take was already full by the time your enrollment appointment began.  Or, perhaps the class you want appears open, but when you try to enroll, you get an error message.

So, what can you do now?
First and foremost, BE PROACTIVE and don't give up--registration stays open and active from now until the end of Add/Drop!  That means people will be swapping and dropping classes all the time, so availability in courses will fluctuate.  Try this:
  • Check SPIRE often.  If you log-on to Facebook 10 times a day, check SPIRE at least every other time!
  • Pay attention to the restrictions on courses.  If seats are reserved for a certain population of students (for example NSO or majors only), keep checking back.  If those students don't fill the class, often remaining seats are opened for the general public!  Other classes may only be restricted until a certain date.  For example, "open to majors only until May 1st."  If a seat remains after that date, be ready to grab it!  Knowing the reason your are getting an error when you try to enroll is the first step.
  • Put yourself on SPIRE waitlists whenever possible.  These waitlists do the work for you, as long as you leave that time slot open on your schedule!
  • Get creative!  Don't limit yourself to courses in departments you are familiar with or Gen Eds your friends said they liked.  Explore new departments.  Consider browsing upper-level courses (they don't all have pre-reqs).  Browse the Five-College course catalog. Experiment with a class or two!
  • If the first day of classes rolls around and you're still struggling, be prepared to attend classes you are not yet enrolled in.  There is no guarantee you'll get in, but being present is the first step to convincing a professor you need/want a space in the class!
Of course, if you are concerned about your schedule and would like help with the search process, make an appointment with your academic advisor before the end of the semester... the sooner, the better!

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