Thursday, April 1, 2010

SPIRE Shopping Cart--

Having trouble navigating the new shopping cart system in SPIRE?

Do you find yourself in a fog of confusion? 

Do not fret, navigating the new cart system is easy if you remember a few helpful tips! :
1.) Your cart shows classes that you have selected, but not yet enrolled in for the term.
2.) Link to your shopping cart through the link below your current enrollment on your SPIRE home page, or through the left menu under Enrollment > ADD Classes
3.) Once in your cart view, you can add classes by clicking the green search  button under the heading Add to Cart:, Remember (Adding courses to your cart does not mean you are enrolled in them, it is merely a holding place until you actually enroll). 
4.) Once you have the courses you want in your cart, you can begin to add them to your schedule. First, select the courses you want to enroll in by clicking the little box next to each course you want to add (make sure your courses don't overlap time wise or you will get an error msg). Second, once you have the course boxes selected, click the little green enroll button below the list of courses in your cart queue. Finally this will bring you to a screen that asks you to Finish Enrolling, click this green box and wait to see if you get a green check mark (which means you have successfully enrolled in the cart) or a red X (which means there was some sort of error enrolling and a short msg detailing why). 
5.) If you keep getting an error msg when trying to enroll in a course that you believe you are eligible to enroll in, try contacting the department where the class is being offered, otherwise contact your academic advisor in your appropriate dept. or you can try seeking help from the Academic Advising Link.

6) Remember to maintain your shopping cart AFTER you've enrolled! Go here for a quick demo!

You will be an expert shopper in no time! 

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