Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preparing For Your Advising Meeting--Things To Know

You called or stopped by Undergraduate Advising and made an appointment. You want to know what classes you need to apply to Isenberg or what classes come next in Sociology or History or even what Gen Eds you have yet to finish and what classes are offered that would satisfy those requirements. In short, you want help from us--and we want to help you!

Help us HELP YOU!

Here are some tips and reminders to best prepare for your appointment with an advisor:

1) You can fill out this form (as much as you can) ahead of time so we can see the courses you are interested in and then talk about how they may or may not get you what you need.
2) You can review your Academic Requirements Report and see what Gen Eds you've fulfilled, and what Gen Eds you still need to do. 
3) Remember our appointments are only thirty minutes long and we want to maximize that time! The better prepared you are, the better we can utilize our time!


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