Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Holds?

Holds are now listed on SPIRE. If you see this symbol when you log-in, then you've got a HOLD!  Information about any holds you have can be found right on your SPIRE homepage.

Some holds will prevent you from enrolling in courses for next semester.  Registration may seem far away, but holds can't always be cleared up overnight, so better to act now! 

Some 'common' holds are:
My Student Body--click here for instructions on how to finish the program.
Bursar bill not paid--See the Bursar in Whitmore.
Incomplete Immunization Records--Go to Health Services for info.
Academic Advising Needed--You must make an appointment with your Academic Advisor.

Don't let a hold keep you from getting the classes you want or need--resolve holds now!

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