Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MAJORS FAIR - one week from today!

The annual Majors Fair, sponsored by Undergraduate Advising, is a great opportunity to chat with department representatives, explore major, minor, and certificate options, and learn more about other programs like study abroad or domestic exchange... all in one convenient location!
That being said, the Fair gets pretty PACKED!  Start preparing now to make the most of your time there...
  • First, you can preview a map of the Fair's layout to get an idea of where the departments you're interested in are located.  
  • Not sure who you want to visit with yet?  Complete this "Linking Your Interests to Possible Majors" activity to begin narrowing down your choices. 
  • Once you get an idea of the departments you want to visit, you might be wondering what exactly could/should you be asking the department representatives?  Well, we can help with that too!  Print this worksheet with common, helpful questions to ask department representatives.  Bring it with you to the Fair--this way you can keep track of what spring classes to consider taking, any application process that may be necessary, and even what career or internship opportunities exist in that field!
The more thought you put into preparing for the Fair, the better your results will be!
We hope to see YOU at the
Campus Center Auditorium and First-Floor Concourse. 

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