Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt #6

Oh snap! Freshmen registration is about to be underway and Jess and I are here to make sure you guys are on track. The right track. You can’t spell school without cool, and it’s cool to figure out your schedule ahead of time (and have some backups). Honestly, think about it. Would you rather spend a couple of days searching for classes ahead of time, or regret your rushed decisions during next fall? So it’s safe to say that it’s time to…

Fill Up Your Shopping Cart

No, you’re not cruising the mall or stocking up on delicious fried food from Big Y, this is your Spire shopping cart, folks. First and foremost, log onto Spire, click on Enrollment on the left hand side, then select Spring 2011. Make sure there are NO classes in that shopping cart. Zero, zilch, nada. Change your term to Fall 2011 and that, my friends is where you want to add prospective classes. You can see what still needs to be completed by clicking on Academic Requirements, which can be found under the Academics tab on the left hand side. This is an excellent way to see what requirements are completed, and which ones still need to be satisfied. The folks at the Advising Link (hint-hint: in the Library Learning Commons; the basement) will be more than happy to help you find classes as well. They’re available Sunday through Thursday from 4-8.

This is something that should be taken very seriously! Schedule an appointment with an advisor as well. They’re here to help you!

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