Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt #9

It’s lovely out. Snow is gone. Your laptops are blasting the coolest and grooviest, and probably the most flyest and dopest beats you’ve ever heard. Well that’s all that and a bag of chips, huh? Well guess what, finals are coming up, and it can be difficult studying when you’re singing and dancing like no one is watching. Well we’ve got some spots other than your dorm that are straight up money; as in they’re great for studying…obviously. So check out some…

Study Spaces

We touched over study spaces last semester and they seem to work…probably because students make the trek over there for some peace and quiet. A lot of academic buildings have open areas with desks, seats, (sometimes couches!), and/or white boards. These resources are here for you! Dorms will be enforcing 23 hour quite floors during final exams, so if you don’t want to make the trip, so lounges and friends’ rooms could work as well.

I know, I know, nobody really enjoys finals, but you can certainly make the experience more enjoyable and satisfying. The clock is ticking, so make sure you grab your study materials and go scope out a new study spot! 

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