Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tip of the Week with Jess and Matt #8

So here’s the deal. The low down, if you will. You’ve been feverishly looking for classes and you want your class schedule to be all peaches and cream. We understand that. We’re seniors; you know, the seasoned vets, and we’ve got some info that could make you from going nuts and bananas and thinking you’re in course purgatory. Sometimes all you need to do is…


Not a psych major but want to take a higher level psych class? Or how about trying to get into a class that serves as a prerequisite for a certain major, but it’s either closed to you personally, or already filled up. Well if you haven’t already figured out what we’re going to tell you, then you will now. Check SPIRE regularly. Students will be adding and dropping classes from now, all the way to the add/drop deadline in the fall semester. You can also take it to the next level by emailing the professor to show your interest and making them aware of your situation. After emailing the professor, go to that class on the first day (even if not enrolled). Also, (and this is a big also) some SPIRE restrictions will be lifted! For example, let’s say an upper level psych class really gets you going, but the problem is that it’s restricted for majors only. These restrictions are sometimes lifted during the school year and throughout the summer.

Checking every day doesn’t take much time, and that one instance could possibly make for a much better semester. Be productive and stay on top of this…the semester is really winding down!

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