Thursday, March 8, 2012

Enrollment Appointments posting soon!

Your Enrollment Appointment should be available to view on SPIRE on March 10thRemember, this is the date and time that SPIRE will allow you to begin adding classes--it is not a scheduled appointment with an advisor. You can (and should) add classes to your Shopping Cart prior to this date--the fall 2012 course catalog should be on SPIRE around March 20th. You can find your Enrollment Appointment on your SPIRE homepage: from the menu on the left select "Enrollment" then "Enrollment Appointment."

Your Enrollment Appointment will be sometime in April, which is a very busy time in most advising offices! Just because your Enrollment Appointment may not have started doesn't mean you can't meet with an advisor to prepare.  In fact, coming in early will be more beneficial!  Waiting until last minute to schedule a meeting may mean there are no appointment times available or cause you to have to delay having your questions answered until AFTER you've added classes. Be proactive and make an appointment soon, especially if you need to do some long-term planning. If you're undeclared, call (413) 545-2191 to schedule a meeting with an advisor. If you have a declared major, contact the advisor or advising office listed on your SPIRE homepage.

In some cases you may want to declare the major you are exploring BEFORE your Enrollment Appointment.  Some departments restrict upper-level courses to majors only, so declaring now will give you best access to classes in April.  Remember, you're almost never "stuck" in a major you declare--you may decide after exploring to change your major again, turn something into a minor, or pursue a related certificate. Make sure you know what the restrictions are for any departments/programs you're considering--if there is an application required or deadlines fast approaching, don't let them pass you by!

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