Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five College Interchange Pre-Registration Starts on April 2

Are you interested in taking a class at Amherst, Hampshire, Smith or Mt. Holyoke?  Get ready for the Five College Interchange pre-registration! 
Pre-registrations begins on April 2 and ends on April 20.  These dates may be different than your UMass enrollment appointment!  Anyone can request to pre-register starting on April 2 even if they can't start enrolling in UMass classes until later. 
The registration procedure for Five College Interchange classes is different from your regular UMass enrollment process.  Once you find the course(s) you want, read the detailed instructions on our website very carefully.  The Five College Enrollment Request Form is available on SPIRE, but you cannot submit your registration through SPIRE.  You must follow the UMass paperwork procedure and turn your forms in to the UMass Five College Interchange office located in 613 Goodell.     
Important information:
  • Pre-registration is a request, it is not guaranteed.
  • You must be in good academic standing and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • You must be registering for at least one 3-credit UMass course.
  • You also have an opportunity to register for Five College Interchange classes during the UMass add/drop period in the Fall.
  • You can only pre-register by handing in two copies of the UMass paperwork to the UMass Five College Interchange office located in 613 Goodell.
Questions?  Visit our website, come see us in 613 Goodell, call us at 413 545 5352 or send an email to

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