Friday, June 1, 2012

OASIS Seminars

Are you UNDECLARED?  If so, check out the OASIS seminars (UNIV 125), designed especially to assist you in transitioning into UMass and making the most of the incredible opportunities here.

Also, there are versions of the OASIS seminar for other specific populations - not just undeclared students:
  • UNIV 125T is for new transfers, and open to undeclared OR declared students
  • UNIV 125V is for veterans, again open to undeclared OR declared students
  • UNIV 192G is for undeclared students who are on probation, and who want to get back on track academically.
Here's what a student who took it last spring said: "I would say definitely take this class first semester when everything is new and overwhelming. It teaches you a lot about what is on campus and what areas of academics you might want to study."

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