Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Students' Comments

Seven out of ten freshmen summer orientation sessions have taken place, and new students are leaving campus happy and excited. 

In response to "The BEST part of my NSO academic advising experience was," students commented:
  • My peer advisor was really great. He helped me pick classes and was open to all of my requests. He also answered all my silly questions thoughtfully and patiently, which was greatly appreciated!
  • Being matched with classes that suited my academic skills best, even though I wasn't aware of them at first. Ending up with a full, balanced course load.
  • I liked when everything came together and the amount of focus I have regarding my interests really increased.
And, when asked "What EXCITES you most about coming to UMass this fall?" students said:
  • The freedom to study what truly intrests me, I cannot wait to study what I'm really passionate about!
  • Starting a new life and focusing on what I love. It's time for me to turn over a new leaf, and I couldn't possibly be more excited.
  • I am excited about the entire experience. After NSO, I feel like I will really enjoy UMass in many ways, especially because it is completely what I make of it. I am exctied about my classes, meeting my peers, and exploring the campus and surrounding area.

We're excited to have you come to UMass Amherst, Class of 2016!

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