Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paul and Gabby's Tip of the Week: How To Manage Your Time

Welcome to Fall at UMass! I'm Gabby and I'll be writing the Undergraduate Advising Blog with Paul. It's October now and surely you are getting busier with upcoming exams and assignments. Worried about not getting everything done in a timely manner? Here are some quick tips on time management!

No matter what year you are at UMass, learning how to manage your time wisely can be tiring and tricky. Between clubs, work, class, and extra curriculars it may seem as though there is no time to get your homework done or to even hang out with your friends. No need to worry though, managing your time can actually be quite easy! Three simple guidelines of staying busy, staying organized, and staying relaxed can transform your busy schedule into a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Staying Busy
Believe it or not, often the busiest students are the students that perform best academically in college. However, being busy comes with a lot of responsibility. How are you supposed to manage going to an advising appointment, a club meeting, rehearsal, work, and then finish all your homework in just one day?! It’s simple because being busy does not does allow for procrastination. Students who are busier get their work done in a timely manner because they need to. It is crucial to utilize any free time (especially in between classes), whether it be a half hour or 3 hours. Even this little amount of time spent working allows you to not have hours of homework in the nighttime, or have to pull a dreaded all nighter. Being able to manage extra curriculars gives you valuable skills to manage your school workloads, and adds efficiency to your schedule.

Staying Organized
The best way to stay organized and manage time is to write everything down. UMass gives every student a free planner in the beginning of the school year- take advantage of this!! Write down what homework you need to complete for the night, when your exams are, when you are working, and anything else that affects your schedule. College can seem overwhelming when looking at everything that needs to get done, but writing in a planner or on a calendar breaks everything down and makes assignments more manageable. Being organized helps you to not wait until the last minute to complete something and allows you to plan out everything ahead of time.
Staying Relaxed
While it may seem like you will never be able to get everything done, it’s most important to take care of yourself. So relax, take a couple deep breaths, and refocus your mind. Whether your way of relaxing is exercising or getting a warm cup of tea, remember to take breaks between staying busy and staying organized. This is why it is important to have a good mix of social activities and academics- your brain is able to think and act in different ways thus being able to excel in what is being done. It feels amazing to get everything you had planned out complete, so make sure to reward yourself well! Buy yourself a cupcake, go to your favorite hang out spot on campus, and get that sleep you’ve been wanting for the past week!

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