Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paul & Gabby's Tip of the Week: Joining An RSO

Between adjusting to college, all your school work, and hanging out with friends, it's easy to feel like you're spending too much time in your dorm room, or not really taking advantage of everything UMass has to offer. It's time to branch out a little! Join an RSO and get involved in something you are passionate about. With over 200 clubs at UMass, there really is something for everybody. Ranging from groups like the Hula Hooping Collective to Anime Club to political groups like the UMass Democrats, the options are unreal. If there isn’t something for you, get a couple of friends together and create your own club! The process is super simple and will be an enjoyable change throughout your daily schedule. 
Campus Center Tabling

There always clubs tabling in the Campus Center interested in recruiting new members and promoting upcoming events of theirs, so go check them out. You might  find something really interesting to you, or something that you haven't even heard of. In addition to RSOs, there are clubs that aren’t registered student organizations, student businesses and co-ops, and co-curricular organizations to get involved in like the Stonewall Center, the WMUA Radio Station, People’s Market and tons more.
Getting involved in RSOs, clubs, and organizations on campus has really helped me (Paul) meet new people and others with similar interests as myself. You get to be a part of an all-new community outside of just your group friends in your dorms. It also looks great on a resume. Having a leadership position in these clubs is even better and allows you to gain hands on experience organizing and managing something along with following something you are passionate about. Some clubs organize trips to conferences such as the Anthropology Club, while others work for a semester on a performance such as Alive With Dance and Emerging Choreographers. Either way, by the end of the semester you'll be able to have something to show for the work you've done for your club. 
UMass Outing Club
I am part of an organization on campus called C.E.P.A. (Center for Education Policy Advocacy) which is a student advocacy group fighting for student’s rights. I have made friends and met so many people with similar views as me, which has been a great experience. With this upcoming election, we’ve been one of those annoying groups asking people to register every waking minute of the day. Our group alone was able to get 2,553 people registered, an accomplishment that would leave anyone feeling proud! 
Joining a club or two, and getting involved can be as big or as small of a commitment as you want it to be. It won’t hurt you and can only help you enjoy your time here at UMass. 

For more Information on RSO’s go check out these websites:

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