Thursday, April 10, 2014

Liz's Tip of the Week: Where To Study for Finals

Over the next few weeks as the crunch of studying for finals begins to increase, you'll notice a drastic increase of students looking for places to study. Of course there are the classic locations, like the lowest floor of the library, where you can also come say hello to me or another peer advisor at the Advising Link Mondays through Thursdays from 4-8pm, but it may be a challenge to find a seat during peak hours of studying. This guide will give you some helpful hints of where to find some quiet places to do some studying.

The Library
Yes, you might have expected this answer, but the library is a classic place to study for a reason. For instance, did you know that there is a designated quiet study area on the second floor? Or how about that the best place to get a great view of the University is from the 23rd floor? Both of these places are a great place to get your books out and do some studying while enjoying the peace and quiet, or a beautiful view. But do you have a group project to work on, or do you like some background noise? The Learning Commons are the place for you. This non-quiet floor offers cubicles for groups to work in, and lots of comfy chairs lining the windows. Just make sure you stake out a spot, as it can get a little crowded.

The Studio Arts Atrium
    If you're a creative soul and need some inspiration to fuel your fire, head over to the Studio Arts building and check out the atrium. Enjoy the open windows and the beautiful installation that is lit up in different colors over your head. This quiet building is bustling with creative energy and people, and is a great place to go if you need a little visual stimulation to get to work. And once you're done, or need a little break, you're right next to Franklin Dining Commons, where you can pop over and refuel.

The Student Union
    Ever since "The Spot" has opened, the Student Union provides students with even more terrific places to get some work done. Once you walk in the door, you have couches to your right, the Spot right in front of you, and the Cape Cod Lounge all the way to your right. The Cape Cod Lounge provides a quiet area with some couches to get some work done in between classes. The Spot and the couches provides a little background noise, and interesting modern decor to motivate your studying. Need a coffee break or a snack? Make sure to check out People's Market down the hall. If you're hungry for lunch, give Earth Foods Cafe a try, or The Hatch just downstairs. And if you're an off campus student, make sure to take advantage of the Off-Campus student center! It provides tables, desks, and even a fridge to store your study-break snack.

Durfee Gardens Conservatory
     Despite the grey weather we've been experiencing every day as we look out our windows, spring is coming! And that means new opportunities for study spots! One of my favorite spots on campus is the Durfee Gardens Conservatory, located at the base of Orchard Hill. When the trees are in full bloom, it is a truly beautiful spot, and a perfect place to catch up on some reading. If outdoor studying is your thing, make sure you check out these gardens. There are plenty of benches to post-up on, and just enough trees to provide shade on a sunny day. And if you need a break, make sure to check out the greenhouse where you can experience some new tropical plant life!

All over campus you will be able to find a multitude of terrific spaces to get your study on. Figure out what works best for you, and look for that. Do you like some background noise or silence? Do you want to be near a window, or are walls best for you? Do you need a desk, or can a couch do? Once you can answer these questions you'll be able to find some fabulous spots around campus.

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