Thursday, February 5, 2015

Advice from Alex: 5 Awesome Academic Resources to Take Advantage of Now

Hey UMass, I hope you are enjoying your first few weeks of Spring 2015! The start of a new semester is often full of excitement, new possibilities, and maybe a few challenges as well. At such a large university, there are countless opportunities available to you; however it can also feel difficult to navigate the ins-and-outs of UMass. Here are a few amazing on-campus resources that will assist you with your academic goals throughout the semester...

  1. The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is located on the 10th floor of DuBois Library, and offers FREE peer-supported academic tutoring and supplemental instruction for over 180 courses at UMass. Tutoring support at the LRC is available for individual or small group sessions on a walk-in basis.They also assist students with learning workshops to improve your note-taking, studying, time-management or problem-solving skills. Its important to be proactive about your academic goals, so if you think you might need some additional support, feel free to stop by the Learning Resource Center or visit their webpage for more information.

  1. The Writing Center can be found in the Learning Commons within the basement of DuBois Library. At the Writing Center, students can receive one-on-one support with all aspects of the writing process from beginning to end. The Writing Center tutors meet with writers in 45 minute face-to-face or online consultations. If you need help with anything from getting your ideas onto paper to revising your last draft, then check out their website to schedule an appointment with a Writing Center tutor.

  1. Also located in the basement of DuBois Library is the  Academic Advising Link, where Peer Advisors like me are ready for anything! These Peer Advisors from Undergraduate Advising can assist you with the course selection process, answer questions about academic requirements, promote major exploration, and much more. Swing by the Academic Advising Link in the library Sunday-Thursday from 4-8pm to have an awesome Peer Advisor assist you.

  1. Confused Spongebob Squarepants animated GIFCheck out the Tutoring Centers available in the Lederle Graduate Research Tower if you need some assistance with various Math or Stats department courses. These centers are staffed by instructors, graduate TAs, and undergraduate peer TAs who are always happy to provide some assistance and math review. For the most up-to-date information regarding the time and room numbers for each tutoring session, please review the Tutoring Centers website.

  1. The DuBois Library offers an Ask a Librarian service to assist students with both understanding the borrowing or inter-library loan process, and locating the materials they need. They can also teach students how to utilize the library equipment, learn to use RefWorks, and more. Students can email, phone, IM, text, or visit the reference desk in the basement of the library within the Learning Commons in order to Ask these Librarians anything. Feel free to visit their website for more information.

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer to any of my fellow students is to always ask questions, and seek out help when you need it. These are just some of the many wonderful resources available to you at UMass--don’t forget that your instructors, teaching assistants, and classmates also serve as support systems for you too! 

I hope my A+ Advice will inspire you to take advantage of these Academic Resources this semester.

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