Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What can a first-year student get out of Career Blast 2015?

Career Blast 2015 is tomorrow. Maybe you're a first-year student wondering what's in it for me? Even if you aren't quite ready to apply for a job or internship, attending a career fair still a good idea! Use this opportunity when the pressure is low to observe the set-up and people so you know what to expect when you attend for real. 
Career Fairs are hectic! There are lots of students and employers in limited space. Did you go to the Majors Fair? Think about that level of people traffic. Getting a feel for how these things are set-up now will prepare you for navigating the crowds later. Observation is a great learning tactic! Look around, not just at the set-up, but at the people. How are job/internship candidates dressed? What are they using to organize copies of their resumes? What kinds of questions do you hear potential employers asking? A quick walk-through will not only give you the lay of the land, but will also allow you to listen in on the kinds of conversations employers and potential hires are having.

Using the upcoming Career Blast as a dress rehearsal will increase your confidence and help you know what to expect by the time you are ready to apply for your first internship or are ready to hit the job market.

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