Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eric's Tip of the Week: Secrets Surrounding Our Campus!

Hey Everyone! This is Eric again here to talk about some hidden places around campus that you might not have known about! These are unique places that stick out from the usual places everyone goes, but they are also mysterious enough that not many people have checked them out. These places serve various purposes, but incorporating all three into your routine might make your time on campus a bit more enjoyable.
  • Newman Center Cafe: This one is a personal favorite of mine. The Newman Center is located across the street from the Studio Arts Center and next to Isenberg School of Management. From the outside it may look like a standard church but there is a little hidden cafe in there and I believe it to be one of the best on campus! One of the best things about the menu is that they serve breakfast ALL DAY! No need to having to run to the dining common before 11:00am during the week if you are really craving breakfast. Also whenever you want breakfast for dinner you know where to go! From omelets and breakfast sandwiches to bagels, there is always something you can get there for your breakfast craves. Did I also mention the grinders and sandwiches they serve? They serve all that you can think of! Cheeseburgers, meatball subs, steak & cheese, salads, pitas—you name it they probably have it! Also, a nice bonus is that they have arcade machines and ping-pong tables for you and your friends to have some fun while there! This cafe is for students to enjoy so please go check them out! Check out their website too.

  • Durfee Conservatory: Durfee Conservatory, which is located across from University Health Services, is an amazing place to go and relax while studying. The conservatory is split into different houses with the biggest one being the tropical house. I highly recommend Durfee Conservatory as a place to go check out where you can relieve that extra stress that might be hitting right now. It is also a nice reminder of what it looks like to have plants around even in this harsh winter months! My favorite room is the tropical room where there is a nice wooden bridge over a pond of fish and benches all around for people to sit and read, eat lunch, or even study. There is a man who works there cultivating the plants and if he finds you looking at the fish in the pond he will give you fish food to even feed them! There is also the bonsai tree room which has bonsai trees of different ages from students that brought them over on exchange. Each tree has a story to it as well, so that is also something to check out in the mean time while exploring the conservatory. The Durfee Conservatory is a nice hidden diamond in the rough where your stress just flows away like the water in the streams there.

  • Academic Advising Link: Have you ever wanted some advising help but didn't have enough time to make it to your advisor before they leave? Or have you ever wanted some advising help from someone other than your advisor to see from a different point of view? This is the place for you! The Academic Advising Link is located in the basement of the library right next to the Calipari Room! There are students there called peer advisors who have trained and worked with regular advisors to help students with issues relating to classes or interests! They are open Sunday-Thursday from 4-8 (excluding holidays). I highly recommend checking them out. They can help you find out what gen-eds you need to fulfill or what majors require for you to graduate. Do not let this opportunity pass you by because you didn't know about it! Please go check them out; they are more than happy to assist with your advising needs! 
Those are the three secrets I have to share with you guys today! Remember: there is more to UMass than the Library and Student Union, so go explore! You might find out something or someplace secret that no one else knows about!

No, not those secrets....

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